Battery box
Temperature sensor

Battery Box and Temperature sensor

The battery boxes can each monitor up to 6 batteries in a single 12v or 24v box. You can have up to 6 battery boxes on the system, so 36 batteries in total!

The battery temperatures are individually monitored as well as the individual battery voltages even in a 24v system.

The boxes are powered by the batteries they are connected to, and can be connected into the system using network cables or by RF if that is more convenient. The earths of the battery boxes are completely isolated from the overall 0v of the system so there is no possibility of shorting the 0v of different battery systems together.

The current consumption of the battery boxes is less than 10ma so if the box being measured is not being charged, it will not drain the battery very rapidly.

The system can be setup to generate a text message alarm if the overall voltage is higher or lower than the values you have preset. You can also specify a voltage difference between any 2 batteries to generate an alarm. Alarms can also be generated from battery temperatures that are too high, or where there is a difference in temperature between any 2 batteries greater than the value you have specified.

See the main manual for details of how to wire a 12v or 24v battery box into the system.