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Data updated every:- 1 Minutes

Text and Local alarms

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Alarm typeTextsLocal
Location OnOff
Batteries OnOff
Temps OnOff
Bilge/Gas On On
Intruder OnOff
AC Loss On On
AC PresentAC Lost!
Hours Difference1 Hours
Data update time1 Minutes

This page is showing how the text and local alarms are currently set, as well as some other data settings not shown elsewhere. It also shows whether the AC power is connected or not.

The column under the ‘Text ‘ heading will show whether the text alarms for each function are turned on or off. The column under ‘Local’ shows the alarm settings for the local alarm in the main box and the external ‘sounder’ if fitted.

The Hours difference setting shows the time difference between your local and UTC (GMT) time obtained from the satellites.

The data update time is the time between transfers of data between the main box and this website. This can be anything from 1 minute to 4.25 hours.

All of these settings can be made either from the main box or by sending text messages.

See the user manual for full details!