Main control box

Main Control Box

The Main Control Box forms the heart of the monitoring system.

The box has an LCD display and ‘navigation’ switch which enables setting and monitoring of all the system parameters.

All of these parameters can also be set and monitored using text messages from a mobile phone. To enable this, the box has a SIM card which is used for sending and receiving the text messages. 

If the SIM card also has a small amount of data allocation then the parameters can also be monitored on the inchargemarine website. If you return to the main page from here, and click on the ‘Monitoring’ button, then you can see demo data from a typical boat setup.

If you have a system on your boat then you can register and login on this page with your personal box ID to view all your own boats current data.

The Main box itself has a GPS system built-in which can give your boats current location. You can also set this location as the centre of a circle up to 99m diameter. You can enable a text alarm which will send you a text warning message if your boat moves outside the preset circle. Also, another message if it moves back into the circle. If you are monitoring on the website then the boat position will appear on a GPS map.

The Main box is powered from a 12v power supply with a secondary backup supply from the boats batteries (10-36volts). If the power supply volts dissapear then a text warning message (if enabled) will be sent telling you that AC power has been lost. Another message will let you know when power is restored.

Additional boxes for monitoring many other systems on your boat can be connected into the Main Box using standard network cables, or an RF system can be used for boxes where it is difficult to reach with a network cable.

There can be up to 6 of each type of additional box. The diagram below may help to explain how this all works!

Connection diagram