Terms and Conditions for users of the incharge remote boat monitoring system

General conditions

While every effort has been made to ensure that the boat monitoring system fully meets its specifications, inchargemarine cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the documentation or the operation of the system.

In particular, the system should not be relied upon to provide information about a boat or it’s in-built systems rather than using reliable and regular maintenance of those systems. The position and location techniques used by the system can provide useful information about the boat location, but again should not be relied upon over and above normal good seamanship practices. Inchargemarine cannot be held liable for any damage caused to a boat or its systems in any case whatsoever.

Faults, maintenance and warranties

If the boat monitoring system fails for any reason due to component failure, then repairs will be provided on a ‘return to base’ policy free of charge for up to one year after purchase. If the system is damaged due to negligence, faulty installation, accidental damage, or any other external reason, then repairs will be carried out at a reasonable cost by inchargemarine.

Payment terms

All payments for the purchase of a system, or repairs to an existing system, must be made in advance unless by prior arrangement with inchargemarine.

Privacy policy

Inchargemarine will never disclose a user’s personal details to any third party without specific permission from the user. It is the responsibility of the user to only provide their system sim card phone number to people they trust and rely on not to pass on to others who may abuse the system. The only way the system parameters can be changed is by direct changes made on the main box itself, or by text messages to the system sim card phone number. The user’s system box ID should also only be passed on to people the user regards as necessary for checking the boats systems status. No changes to system parameters may be made using the box ID to view the website in any case.

Updates and improvements

Any improvements made to the system by means of software updates, will be provided free of charge to owners for the lifetime of the product. This may mean a ‘return to base’ at the owners cost if the updates cannot be provided remotely. Future hardware improvements and additions will be made available to existing owners to improve the system performance at a discounted price.

Refunds after purchase

Refunds may be made up to one month after purchase, but only if the goods are returned in the same condition as when originally sold. Refunds for ‘soiled’ goods will be at the discretion of inchargemarine. Transportation costs must be borne by the purchaser.