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Bilge boxes

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Bilge/Gas BoxesBilgeGas
Forward OK37 *
Box 4 not present
Box 5 not present
Box 6 not present
Box preset limits
Gas Limit23

This shows up to 6 bilge boxes. Here, the box in the engine room is all OK, but the aft box has an error showing water is detected. The forward box is showing some gas detection as it has exceeded the 'Gas Limit' value.

The Bilge boxes have two functions. Firstly, they show whether any water (or other liquid) has activated the float sensor. This shows under the column ‘Bilge’ and will normally show OK.

The gas detection measures the amount of CO and other flammable gases which might be dangerous. It is also sensitive to exhaust gases. The limit before an error is generated is shown at the bottom of the table. This can be changed from the main box or by text message. The gas measurement is not calibrated in any way, but can show whether the level is higher than the normal which would require checking, and the fault fixing before dangerous levels are reached.