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Intruder boxes

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Intruder BoxesStatusHumidtyTemperature
Saloon 1Intruder!36%22 °C
Cockpit OK38%24 °C
Box 3 not present
Box 4 not present
Box 5 not present
Box 6 not present
This shows up to 6 intruder boxes. Here, the saloon is showing there's an intruder alert! The cockpit is showing no intruder in that location.

The intruder boxes detect movement of things which are warmer than the ambient temperature. The display shown here reflects  whether there has been movement detected since the last update.  The display also shows the humidity level in each box location. The graph shows any detections over the last 10 updates. The time between updates is set by the GPRS time setting. The graphs for individual boxes may be temporarily removed by clicking on the box name in the graph.